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Thai Sing Company Profile

Thai Sing Foodstuffs Industry Pte Ltd has been established since 1969 by the founder Mr Lai Joon Chuan. Thai Sing has 45 years of history and experiences in the manufacturing of a wide range of Chinese sauces and Nonya paste products.

We are HACCP certified and a member of Tasty Food Singapore. Our products are all HALAL certified.

Thai Sing is located in Singapore’s prime food zone. Our company places high emphasis on our hygiene quality and our modern equipment, our yearly production is at 2000 tons. We use only traditional recipes with the finest ingredients in our products. Thai Sing has become one of the leading brand names in Singapore.

We supply to major Hotels, MBS Integrated resorts, food caterers, military camps, restaurants, schools, food courts, factory canteens, country clubs, supermarkets, etc.

Our export markets region includes: Australia, Indonesia, Holland, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, China, Brunei and New Zealand.

Thai Sing convenience sauce and paste are authentic and cost effective; it allows all customers to replicate many signature dishes. We are here to assist customers to maintain the consistency on quality of their dishes and save cost and time. It will definitely lower the dependency on manpower at the preparation of ingredients.

We offer sauce manufacture solutions and custom make according to your requirements. We can provide demo cooking to ensure customers use our products without difficulties.

Thai Sing provides better taste, convenience and better choice.






我们的出囗市场地区包括澳大利亚, 印度尼西亚,荷兰,香港, 英国,中国,文莱, 新西兰。





Officially incorporated as a private company in 1996 and operating out of a 20,000 sq ft high tech manufacturing facility in Singapore’s prime food zone, the company has built up a solid reputation for its delicious range of cooking products, now highly sought after by its customers the world over.

Product development has always been a priority for Thai Sing. It regularly conducts food taste tests and market research to stay abreast of how consumer demand changes, and actively works to develop new tastes and improve familiar ones to meet the needs of its customers. Another key focus is the company’s attention to the highest quality and hygiene levels in its food preparation. Thai Sing uses state-of-the-art fully automatic cooking and filling equipment to prepare its sauces and pastes, and uses the latest packaging technologies to seal in their flavours and retain ideal freshness.

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