Soy Sauce

Light/Dark Soya Sauce (Chinese Sausage n Chicken Claypot Rice)

Ingredients :
Chinese Sausages x 2pc (cut into pieces), Chicken (200g, cut into pieces), Dried Mushroom (3pc, soaked), Rice (2 cups, rinsed), Water (1.5 cups), Thai Sing Light Soy Sauce (2tbs), Thai Sing Dark Soy Sauce (2tbs), Cooking Oil (2tbs)

How to Prepare :
Marinate chicken and mushrooms w/ Thai SIng light soy sauce. Add washed rice and water to claypot, boil and simmer until almost cooked (7-8mins). Add the marinated chicken, mushrooms & chinese sausages on top of the rice (cover claypot with lid); simmer for about 15 mins. Drizzle over Thai Sing dark soy sauce and cooking oil before serve.
Permitted Preservatives E210

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